T H E  F A R M

Cabot Lodge is situated on 2,000 acres of farmland bordering the Fiordland National Park, a renowned World Heritage Site. The property is home to over 7,000 animals with sheep, deer, cattle, chickens, beehives and two miniature horses. 

There are a number of walks for guests of all fitness levels to enjoy while on the property. Guests can climb to the highest peak of the farm for breathtaking views, or wander down to the secluded jetty on the peaceful Waiau River for a romantic picnic or a spot of fishing. 

Guests can feed and cuddle our horses and pet sheep at their leisure, and meet our top staff member, Sam the sheep dog, for pats and tummy scratches. For those wanting a more in depth understanding of New Zealand farming, both beekeeping tours and 4WD farm tours are available to book. We recommend letting your hosts know you would like to enjoy an on-farm experience when making your reservation, as bookings are limited.  

The beekeeping tour is one-hour and guests will be suited up from head to toe for their safety and comfort. It is a short, ten-minute walk to the bees from the Lodge, where Brad will open up the hives and share the incredible life cycle of the bees and their unique power dynamics, pointing out the Queen, their 'dancing' communication methods, food sources, and exploring the art of beekeeping. Guests can sample the honey raw from the frame, and we have fantastic beekeeping books for guests who are interested in pursuing beekeeping at home. 

The farm tour is also approximately one-hour and takes place largely in our 4WD truck, with some walking involved to access more remote areas of the farm and for photographs. Breidi will talk guests through the history of the property and farming in the area, as well as an overview of the farming practices for both sheep and deer. It is an information-packed hour while traversing across the beautiful property and taking in the gorgeous scenery and animals. 

For dog-lovers, we have the option of a 40-minute sheep-dog demonstration with New Zealand Huntaways and Heading Dogs, bred here on the property. Guests can watch the dogs in action, and learn about their breeding, training and daily work-life from an award winning New Zealand sheep dog trialist and judge.

There are countless opportunities to discover the beauty of New Zealand on this authentic and captivating property. We have private yoga classes and massage treatments available to book in our new spa sanctuary overlooking one of the small lakes on the farm, or guests can soak in our outdoor hot tub overlooking the mountains. It is the perfect way to be close to nature while refreshing your mind, body and spirit.

Breidi and Brad are always happy to create a beautiful and bespoke itinerary for your time in Fiordland, so please just ask if you would like to enjoy any on-farm experiences. 

What our previous guests have said

What our previous guests have said