Fiordland In A Day

This one-day tour is for those who want to experience the best that Fiordland has to offer, but are short on time.

A full day tour of Milford Sound by air and water, exploring the most renowned area of the Fiordland National Park. Guests will be flown from Cabot Lodge over the National Park, through to Milford Sound. On arrival into the Sound, guests will land on the Fiordland Jewel for a private lunch cruise. The Jewel hosts Fiordland’s first and only remote-operated vehicle, which provides high-resolution underwater footage that guests can view while onboard, to enable the complete Milford experience, both above and below water. Guests will be guided through the Sound by the expert crew who will share their knowledge of the incredible natural wilderness and local wildlife, including seals, dolphins, penguins and Fiordland’s rare black coral. Guests will enjoy local seasonal fare, which can include Fiordland lobster, Fiordland blue cod, Stewart Island salmon, Stewart Island green-lipped mussels, New Zealand merino lamb and wild West Coast venison. Following the cruise, a helicopter will arrive for guests’ return flight through the Fiords back to Cabot Lodge, with two remote landings for incredible photo opportunities. Fiordland is even more beautiful from above, flying over snow-capped mountain peaks, hidden lakes, powerful waterfalls, lush forests, and sheer granite cliffs, all while enjoying a luxury ride. Away from the crowds, and with the expertise of trusted local guides, this is the ultimate Milford Sound experience.


The package includes one nights’ accommodation in our Deluxe Suite with breakfast, evening drink and canapes, as well as daily on-farm activities also provided.

Fiordland in a Day starts from $6,100 for two-persons (add $1500 per additional passenger up to four persons).