Springtime down on the farm

The month of September is always busy on the farm, as we tend to our birthing mothers, and watch our intrepid lambs take their first steps.

Thankfully, mother nature has been extremely kind, and we are enjoying serenely still and warm Spring days. While the mountains are still covered in snow, the days are definitely heating up, and we are able to continue our planting programme of native trees across the farm. These trees provide much needed stabilisation on our hill country, as well as shelter for our sheep and deer.

Te Anau is also gearing up for a busy Spring season, with the 45th annual Spring Flower Show just around the corner. It’s amazing to see the fields blooming in yellow daffodils and we can’t wait to see what the passionate gardeners of the area put on display for us this year.

Come November, Cabot Lodge will be swinging into action, and welcoming guests to our little slice of paradise. We have recently made a number of additions to our library, which is now packed full of New Zealand authors and the history of the Fiordland area. We can’t wait to share this incredible collection with visitors to the lodge.

For now the family are relishing the longer days and warmer evenings, heading across Lake Manapouri most Sunday afternoons for picnics on the beach.

It’s a hard job working in paradise, but someone has to do it, and we’re glad it’s us!

Posted by Cabot Lodge on October 01, 2018

What our previous guests have said

What our previous guests have said