Spring is on its way

Spring brings with it the joy of new life - soon the paddocks of Cathedral Peaks Station will be filled with lambs. This means the farm team will be working around the clock to ensure safe and healthy births for our 4,200 sheep.

The farm team have just completed a full day of scanning - similar to an ultrasound, we scan each sheep to see whether she is expecting a single lamb, twins, or even triplets. This enables us to create the right feed regime for each expectant mother and ensure the pregnancy is progressing well. 

While the work load is certainly increasing on the farm, there is nothing like welcoming new life to keep the team motivated. 

Shortly Cathedral Peaks Station will be hosting a local dog trialing competition, where young shepherds will compete to test the partnership between man and man's best friend. Dog trialing tests the ability of shepherd's to read sheep and anticipate their movements. It will be a great opportunity for experienced shepherds to pass on their knowledge and an exciting day out for the local sheep-dogs. 

Southland is also about to play host to the Young Farmer of the Year Competition, which is being held in Invercargill on 5 - 7 July. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the competition, and is a great showcase of the bright young talents in the agricultural industry. The team at Cabot Lodge have their fingers crossed for the Southland representative, Logan Wallace. 

Of course, as Spring draws near, so too does the prospect of longer daylight hours, creating opportunities for guests of Cabot Lodge to take evening walks along the farm tracks, enjoy sunset visits to Lake Manapouri, and savour a glass of wine al fresco to finish the day. 

But for now it's time to get back to the farm and the daily round up, checking in on all our expectant mothers. 



Posted by Brad Alexander on July 03, 2018

Everything was exceptional, from the food to the luscious bathrobes, to the insane views, to the crazy cute lambs.

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Spent 4 nights at Cabot Lodge. It’s a magical place. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Stunning location. Wonderfully gracious hosts.

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Words fail - So I will just say thank you so much for one of the highlights of our trip - we will definitely be seeing you again

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Cabot Lodge is definitely at the top of our list of best places to stay at. We stayed for 3 nights and wished we stayed longer.

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Your lodge is exceptional In its hospitality, location, beauty and décor.

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